Temporary Work Permit Quebec

Qualified workers, trained professionals and people in general willing to come, work and temporarily live in the Province of Quebec, must obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate prior to submitting an application for a Temporary Worker Visa with the Federal Government.

In order to be able to come to Quebec as a temporary worker, you must meet the following requirements:
• Have a job offer from an employer in Quebec;
• Complete an application showing that you legally meet the requirements;
• Apply for a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance ;
• Have a written confirmation from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) that the employer can hire a foreign worker to fill the job. (Positive labor market opinion);
• Satisfy a visa officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your work permit;
• Show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family while you are in Canada; and
• Be admissible to Canada, and other specific requirements.

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