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Founded in 2012 by a visionary and determined immigration professional, CALA Immigration was created to evolve a better way of advising, guiding, and professionally representing arriving immigrants in Canadian immigration procedures.
Our vision is to facilitate their application and smoothen their understanding of the Canadian immigration process and procedures. We team with clients from over 15 countries around the world.

Our 5 Principal Values

We believe that a clear view of the real scenario of every dossier is fundamental to reaching our goals. At CALA Immigration, we practice sincerity and fairness as part of our daily routine. We build a straight-forward relationship with our client based on real understanding of their profiles and needs.

Immigration as a change of residence and a whole new way of living can be a huge challenge. As immigrants ourselves, we enjoy sharing our experiences, and being able to understand the needs, challenges, and circumstances faced by our clients as they try to settle into their new lives. We believe and act in accordance with the qualities of humanity and benevolence.

We like to be one step ahead of our clients’ needs by analyzing the multiple possibilities inherent in their profiles and their new life projects. That is how we provide our customers with the best possible solution geared to getting the desired outcome, always taking into consideration the risk involved and the different human aspects involved in facing a new world in a different language.

Our approach involves direct access to our services, professionals, and benefits. We focus on developing more than just a business relationship between our professionals and our prestige clientele.

Union is strength. Our experts have diverse professional backgrounds, and integrate their knowledge, expertise and efforts to bring the best option to our clients. Our strategic alliances are an important contributor to our performance.

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