Permanent Residence Renewal – Canadian Citizenship


You can renew your Canadian Permanent Residence if:

· You have a permanent resident status;
· You are currently in Canada;
· You have not been asked by the Government of Canada to leave the country;
· You are not a Canadian Citizen or a Registered Indian under the Indian Act;

You should only apply for a new permanent resident card if:

You did not get a PR card when you immigrated to Canada, or
You have a PR card that has expired or will soon expire
You can also apply for a new Permanent Resident Card, if your PR card was lost, stolen or destroyed. However, there are extra steps you will need to follow. This also applies if you need to fix a mistake on your Permanent resident card.

Did you know that you can gain Canadian Citizenship if you have resided in Canada for at least three years (1,095 days) in the past four years prior the application?


Permanent residents who are seeking to become Canadian Citizens must be physically living in Canada for a period of at least three years (1095 days) in the four years prior their application.

As a Canadian Citizen, you will be entitled to certain benefits including the right to vote, the issuance of a Canadian passport and the ability to maintain this status despite prolonged absence from Canada. Yet, this also infers responsibilities like understanding and obeying Canada’s laws.

Part of your Citizenship application process will be to take an exam in order to demonstrate your knowledge about Canada. You will also be required to prove your language skills. If your process is successful, you must take the Canadian Citizenship Oath.

*Specific rules apply to children and exceptions might apply to this general rule.

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