Life Quality, Public Health Services, Good Standard of Education, Economic Development, Security, Equality, Respect, Tolerance, Opportunities, Personal Development, and Prosperity are some of the advantages Canada offers.

Canada is a country of 10 million square kilometers with a population of fairly about 33 million people, 10 provinces and three territories.

As Canadians, we are proud to be part of a Nation with different cultural and ethnic groups. We are all free to maintain and share our cultural heritage and to participate fully and equally in our national life. Newcomers have reached the top in every sector of the Canadian society as Canada’s economy is made up of many different industries: natural resources, manufacturing and services.

Canada cares about its People, their education, their life quality, their security and their health. One more reason to choose Canada!

Canadians have rights and freedoms protected under Canadian laws and the justice system. Some of them are:
Freedom of religion, thought, belief, and speech.
Right to life, freedom and security
Legal rights, such as the right to a fair trial, and;
Equality rights, such as the right to live and work anywhere in Canada

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